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Welcome To The Peace And Solitude Of Vermilion, Ohio

Located on the shores of the Vermilion River


Welcome To Vermilion, Ohio

Lake Erie is the 10th largest lake on Earth. It is bounded on the north by the Canadian province of Ontario, on the south by the U.S. states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, and on the west by the state of Michigan. The lake is named after the Erie tribe of Native Americans who originally lived along its southern shore.

Ohio Magazine chose Vermilion, Ohio as the "Best Port Stroll" in Ohio. The wealth of attractions so close to protected dockage makes Vermilion a very popular cruising destination. Rare is the port of call with as much to offer.


About The Owners

Greetings, Joyce and Dave here!  We've been married for 8 years and purchased the rental homes 5 years ago. We renovated and stocked each retreat - one has a wonderful water view while the other is right on the water - with all of the amenities and little things that we like to have in any home we rent when we travel.


We hope you find them relaxing and enjoyable. All we ask is that you respect our hard work and furnishings and put them back where they were when you walked through the door.

Thanks For Stoping By,

Joyce and Dave

P.S. - If you need to reach us with any questions, just click here

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